Hello World

Hi, I’m Emily. If you don’t know me already, I’m not sure how you found this site.

Why am I blogging?

This matters more to me than you, but there’s one thing I want to say about it: you should blog too! Social media is all about being short and snappy, and blogging is an antidote to that. A picture or tweet can be edited to perfection in under an hour. A 500-word blog post, not so much. Nobody’s expecting perfection or fame. A blog post is more personal, more revealing, and in an age where we’re tempted wear a disjointed facade of strange perfection, a blog post is humanizing.

What do I blog about?

Just rumination on any topic that’s stuck on my mind.

Why WordPress?

It’s easy, customizable, and looks decent.

Should I subscribe?

Yes! That’s the best way of keeping up with my occasional posts.

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