Carlin’s Straw Environmentalist

When I was in my teens, like maybe around age 14, it really annoyed me to hear about “saving the planet.” I thought it was faulty messaging. “People don’t care about trees and icebergs!” I’d think. “People care about people! So let’s emphasize that we’re trying to save OURSELVES, not the planet! People aren’t motivated… Continue reading Carlin’s Straw Environmentalist

I Didn’t Fly in 2022

The last time I flew was September 4th, 2021, to get to college for the start of my senior year. That’s 479 days ago. That fall, I made the decision to stop flying for at least one year. Why? Because flying airplanes emits emits a massive amount of greenhouse gases. I’d been vaguely aware for… Continue reading I Didn’t Fly in 2022

World Vegan Day 2021

I was polishing off the last bits of my dinner, scrolling on my phone, when I noticed that today was November 1st, World Vegan Day. I thought back to what I’d had today, and decided to write a quick post about it to show an easy day of vegan eating. This morning was off to… Continue reading World Vegan Day 2021

4 Values

On one hike this summer (which there’s a funny story behind, too) my sister brought up an interesting question. I call this proxy free counseling – a question from my sister’s friend’s counselor. What are your four most important values? I immediately questioned why it has to be four—it doesn’t, of course. Could be three… Continue reading 4 Values